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Quarterly Outlook & Game Plan (April 2020): Coronavirus, The Economy And Investing

Summary Structural slow growth was met by a cyclical slowdown and then whacked by the biggest economic shock in modern history. There are more economic shoes to drop and a second wave of Coronavirus is the most dangerous risk. Helicopter money came early as it was necessary to fend off a collapse. I suspect the helicopter money will propel a high growth period in the early to middle 2020s. Stocks are overvalued and investors are over zealous, there is likely […]

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Coronavirus And Asset Allocation Update

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is a human tragedy that is likely to hit the United States imminently. All of our hearts bleed for those affected and we wish for the best possible health outcomes. If you are up to date in reading my 2020 Outlook & Game Plan: Navigating Overvalued Markets And Uncertainty, then you are aware that I was cautious coming into 2020. Among things I was concerned about was “an early bought of volatility akin to early 2018.” Coronavirus […]

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