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The Fed, Inflation & Markets In 2024

2024 looks like it could be a breakout year if you rely on data and likely liquidity events by the Federal Reserve. But, folks love to worry, and there are sure some things to worry about. Here’s how I see it.

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Freedom From OPEC Is Getting Much Closer

The price of producing solar and wind energy is now about equal to the price of gas and coal. This excludes all the clean-up and pollution costs of gas and coal. It is clear that the fossil fuel age has entered its end game.

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2010 A New Decade of Crossing Mountains

The Great Recession born of The Financial Crisis is lingering in many parts of America and the world. Investing will take perseverance and a forward looking approach. There will be more corrections, but we must try to use that volatility to our advantage. To that end, technology and eventually, clean energy, will be major secular trends to embrace.

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