I offer various investment, portfolio and retirement consulting services for Do-It-Yourself investors, business owners, executives or if you simply want a second look at your investments held with other firms or advisors.

Services are tailored to your situation and goals, including:

  • Portfolio Review & Risk Assessment.
  • Investment analysis of existing holdings.
  • Investment recommendations.
  • Retirement Income Plans.
  • Option selling coaching, learn how to sell covered calls and cash-secured puts like a pro for managing risk and increasing your retirement income using simple technical analysis.
  • Annuity reviews for proper structure, to reduce expenses and improve returns.
  • Retirement plan rollovers, including building, structuring and implementing an investment plan.
  • Services for business owners, including exit strategies.
  • Services for executives, including option exercises and risk management.

That is a brief list of casework I have handled since the late 1990s. Fees and retainers start at only $1600. I take only 1 or 2 new clients per week so that you the attention you deserve.

Bluemound Asset Management, LLC also provides financial planning for investment management clients. We use Right Capital financial planning software for information sharing and to help build your financial plan.

Right Capital financial planning software is made available for free to you whether you are a client or looking for a top level financial planning resource. My experience is that you can do about 80% of your financial planning on your own with this software. I also provide general financial planning guidance and will help you find financial, estate, tax and business planning experts as necessary.

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