Kirk Spano Letter History

These are my periodic letters for clients and the interested.

My first annual letter is from January 2008. In that piece, I pointed out problems with the real estate and financial markets. I foreshadowed the financial crisis, when I said this: “The volatility we saw in 2007 is not likely to subside in the short run. In fact, I believe that the problems at Bear Stearns are the tip of the iceberg regarding problems that are likely to emerge in the financial sector.”

In 2009, in response to the financial crisis, I started writing more regularly in an effort to help others, and myself, better understand what I later dubbed in the media as the “slow growth forever” global economy.

Embrace Change And Volatility

Today, I am publishing material to help investors adapt in an era of rapid change. These changes are impacted by aging demographics, climate change, global debt, technological advancement and geopolitical challenges.

By embracing change, we can make volatility our ally. Sustainable investing strategies can be the anchor that both builds and protects your financial freedom.

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