Bluemound Asset Management, LLC is a fee-only registered investment advisor acting as a fiduciary. That means, by rule, I am bound to work in your best interest. I have chosen this approach, despite most competing firms choosing less stringent ethics.

I believe that insightful investing using technology to filter information and keep costs low are keys to your financial success. Bluemound offers a vast array of services by maintaining low overhead and tapping many resources. The many relationships I have developed since being discovered by the media are also a unique advantage.

Institutional Quality Investing For Everyone

I have developed Bluemound to be both a boutique firm for accredited investors seeking institutional quality investment at a lower cost. The firm also very much welcomes middle class investors seeking a better experience.

Institutional quality investing, has typically only been available to those with high net worth. Bluemound offers my services to anyone who has crossed from saver to investor. Investment strategies have account minimums ranging from only $100,000 to $500,000.  Because costs matter, my fees are typically less than comparable services.

For families with net worth in excess of $1 million, I offer a vast array of investment services in house and through relationships with other top professionals. I am also able to offer guidance on a wide array of wealth management issues and help find appropriate specialists when needed.

Technology And Working From Home & Anywhere 

Bluemound is a cyber-advisory, that is, services are generally offered by telephone and internet. I do meet with clients regularly when I travel and with those who are in Greater Milwaukee. I work from home for a number of reasons:

  • My dog really appreciates it.
  • I like making lunch at home.
  • Commuting to work got old and technology gave me the option not to do that anymore.
  • I want to limit my carbon footprint and travel, so working from home makes sense.
  • It allows me to save money on rent and pass on the savings to clients.

I cannot stress the significance of technology in what I do. Bluemound is able to outsource certain tasks and get research that was simply not available when I started in the 1990s. The combination of experience, knowledge and technology is going to be the driver to successful investing in the future, I endeavor to be a leader among investment advisors.

Work With Me

I am available to you wherever you are. My clients are in multiple states and several countries. To discuss working with me and Bluemound, fill out my Contact form and use my Online Scheduler to speak with me directly.


Kirk Spano