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These are my periodic letters, investment notes and special reports for clients and the interested. My general theme are to identify risks and search for opportunities in the biggest trends.

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Coronavirus And Asset Allocation Update

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is a human tragedy that is likely to hit the United States imminently. All of our hearts bleed for those affected and we wish for the best possible health outcomes. If you are up to date in reading my 2020 Outlook & Game Plan: Navigating Overvalued Markets And Uncertainty, then you are aware that I was cautious coming into 2020. Among things I was concerned about was “an early bought of volatility akin to early 2018.” Coronavirus […]

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The Transition From ICE Cars & Oil To EVs & Alternative Energy – And Our Broad Investment Thesis

I have been writing a lot about the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy the past few years. One of the keys will be the moving to alternative energy will be the shift to EVs. The transition is clearly risky as we’ve learned in the short-term with some oil investments. The opportunities are also large. I invite you to follow along as I work through the analysis even deeper at Seeking Alpha. Here are a few pieces to get […]

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ETFs We Might Add

With the flow of money out of “old economy” and “grandpa stocks”continuing, using corrections to upgrade our asset allocation is an essential idea. Already, we have raised cash on anticipation of a summer correction.

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Gold Is Attractive For The First Time In A Long Time

I first invested in gold stocks back in 2000. I sold my last gold stock about 7 years ago. That turned out to be a good decision as gold and gold stocks have been pretty bad the past seven years. As you can see above, the return from gold and gold stocks has been negative since 2012. Economic and market cycles play out over a long time. In the past several months, we have seen the foundation for a rise […]

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Alphabet (Google) SWOT Report

Alphabet is one of the largest and most important companies in the world. It is also a profit machine sitting on a mountain of cash. With multiple units that could be spun off, merged or grown, this is a company that could yield even more dividends, without actually paying a dividend.

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AT&T SWOT Report

AT&T is a very misunderstood company that is sitting on some very valuable assets. While I’m not a fan of the DirecTV deal, the Warner deal could bring huge benefits either through growth, as a tool to grow 5G and fiber business or being merged into another media company – or all three. Time will tell, but I’m willing to collect the fat dividend while I wait to see.

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A Fast Moving Secular Trend Is Taking Hold

The three most powerful natural forces in the global economy are aging-demographics, technology and climate change. While most recognize the first two, many deny the third. Most people don’t invest based on any of the three or just touch on tech.What I will jump start you on this year is that a massive new trend, based around all three factors, is developing. And it is developing very fast. There is an emerging intersection between sustainable investing and what I dubbed […]

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4th Quarter Macro And Market Outlook

The years of stimulus by the Federal Reserve is being used by the economy finally. After years of the perception of a not-business-friendly administration, President Trump has clearly unleashed some animal spirits.

The tax cuts are certainly having an impact as consumer spending is strong, and corporations are doing well (more on that below). The tax cuts will only have a temporary impact, however, and we will need to monitor that in the next year or two.

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