Articles by: Kirk Spano

Wealth Management Process

Free Financial Planning Software

Financial planning is an essential part of your long-term life plan. Bluemound offers free financial planning software to efficiently get you started. Please do feel free to use this confidential and secure financial planning tool to help you on your path to financial freedom and security.

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Cyber Advisor Investment Firm

Bluemound Asset Management, LLC is a fee-only registered investment advisor acting as a fiduciary. That means, by rule, I am bound to work in your best interest. I have chosen this approach, despite most competing firms choosing less stringent ethics. I believe that insightful investing using technology to filter information and keep costs low are keys to your financial success. […]

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Investment Philosophy

My investment philosophy deviates significantly from most other traditional financial advisors. Before working with me it is important that you understand the differences in my approach.  Usually, the mass media, public at large and too many financial advisers are most interested in “hot” or “in the news” ideas which leads them to be emotional and unfocused. I seek a less emotional […]

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