Bluemound Asset Management, LLC focuses on sustainable investing in a changing world. We operate at the intersection of the emerging sustainable economy and “smart everything” world. Growth investors, as well as, retirees can benefit from adapting to the massive secular trends impacting the world.

The impact of advancing technology on every other sector of the economy, as well as, the shift to a lower carbon footprint, will lead to massive changes in how we live and invest. A true fiduciary approach takes into account these generational changes when investing. Bluemound Asset Management, LLC is a fiduciary.

Bluemound Asset Management and Kirk Spano can help you:

  • Rebalance your portfolio to build an asset allocation more dependent on the stronger sectors of the economy.
  • Wind down fossil fuel and other non-sustainable investments at a pace that makes sense for your investment philosophy.
  • Add investments that exhibit sustainable growth and income generation characteristics.

The mission of Bluemound Asset Management is to help investors navigate the changing world, mitigate the risks and find true opportunities. Learn more about Bluemound below…