Most 401(k) plans set-up before 2020 are expensive and have significant investment limitations. Technology and innovative plan design has changed what is possible.

I have partnered with Employee Fiduciary to offer 401(k) plans that are full service, extremely low cost, offer a very wide range of investment choices and a portfolio managed by me that participants can choose.

I offer 401(k) plans that are designed to be low cost and offer top ETF investment options. Let me show you what is now possible with a free 401(k) plan review and proposal. Here’s what you will get:

  • A fiduciary standard applied throughout the process.
  • An objective review of your current retirement plan.
  • A 401(k) proposal with no commissions and no hidden fees.
  • Low fees on the 401(k) plan itself – often 50-70% less expensive than pre-2020 plans .
  • Low fee ETF investment options – often 30-50% less expensive than mutual fund style subaccounts.
  • Custom plan design – including Safe Harbor, profit sharing and loan provisions available.
  • Dedicated service team – talk to the same people every time.
  • Multiple investment strategies for different risk tolerances and objectives.
  • Bluemound Sustainable Growth model portfolio managed by Kirk Spano.

Contact me today for a free 401(k) review and proposal.

A simple timeline and checklist for getting started.


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